Vancouver abstract artist, Jasalyn Thorne, is a multi-media artist and designer, pulling from over 15 years as a professional award-winning photographer and life-long artist. Her work has appeared on the pages of Hello Canada, Elle UK, Fashion magazine and numerous blogs.
Her current body of work focuses on the micro intricacies and indispensable threads that link our macro world together. Her excitement to explore and enjoy the minute details that make up our world has fascinated her since childhood.

The infinite details of land, sea and sky has been a source of inspiration, joy and peace, as she often spends time in the back-country mountains of BC and most recently, exploring the rugged beauty of the Yukon.

Using photography, oil paint, acrylic and ink, she creates both micro and magnified works of her subjects. 

Jasalyn lives and works just outside of Vancouver, British Columbia. Her studio is not open to the public, but you can contact us for private viewings.